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Tragic but True

When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 no one would have believed it possible that twelve years later he would become one of the most infamous people of all time. In those twelve years, he turned one of the most civilised nations in the world into one of the most barbarous of all time. By the time his time in power had come to an end, he had contributed to the deaths of over fifty million people during the Second World War; Germany was destroyed and millions of people all around the world had been pulled into the most ferocious war history had ever seen. In addition to all of this, he had created a racial state in which all deemed unfit to live there were either persecuted, enslaved or simply murdered. Among the many victims of Nazi persecution, most tragically of all, Hitler made it his aim to murder every Jewish person within his territory. Men, women and children, all were to be killed. He succeeded in killing over two thirds of them. Six million Jews were murdered. This is what we call the Holocaust.
IntroductionWhat is the Holocaust?
Jewish Tradition
Hitlers Rise to Power
The Third Reich

Mass Murder
The Final Solution
Concentration Camp
Resisting the Enemy
The Aftermath

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