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‘I remember the day our transport arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The wagons were opened and the people ordered out. The scenes I observed were just too terrifying to imagine’.
Arek Hersh, survivor.
Camp Terror

The Nazis developed a system of camps in order to enforce their rule of terror, first of all in Germany. They repeated this in the other countries of Europe that they occupied. But there were different camps for different functions. The first concentration camp to be built was at Dachau, near Munich, in March 1933. Communists, socialists and trade unionists were put here; anyone who opposed the Nazis.
The infamous gateway to Birkenau. In the later stages of the camp’s operation, trains passed through here from all over Europe to the ‘ramp’, where the deportees were unloaded ready for the selection.
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Jewish Tradition
Hitlers Rise to Power
The Third Reich

Mass Murder
The Final Solution
Concentration Camp
Resisting the Enemy
The Aftermath

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