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European History

In 70 CE (AD), the Romans defeated a Jewish uprising and destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem, removing from the Jews their sense of identity and ability to govern themselves. From this time on Jews were in diaspora. This meant they did not have their own country, but relied upon finding suitable places to live and work and countries in which they could feel at home. As a result, Jewish communities developed across the Middle East and Europe at different times, in different places. At every step of the unfolding of European history, there were Jewish communities playing an active role. There is not a century or a country where at some time or in some way Jews did not have a part in the emerging story of Europe, its people, its culture and traditions.

'By three things is the world sustained: by justice, by truth and by peace'.

The Talmud, the Jewish book of religious law and practice, completed in the 6th Century and still used by practicing Jews today.

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Jewish Tradition
Hitlers Rise to Power
The Third Reich

Mass Murder
The Final Solution
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The Aftermath

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